Tuitions & Fees

The school fees payment procedures are the following:

  • The school fees for each trimester is payable in advance, that is to say, it is paid at the beginning of the trimester;
  • Compulsory payment takes place at the beginning of the second month of the academic trimester;
  • Paying in installments is negociated and obtained from the Administrative and Financial Director (DAF) and the beneficiary must respect his/her written promise;
  • Due to several observed irregularities (bounced cheques and wrong signatures), cheques are not accepted. We only accept bank’s deposit slips.

For the Academic Year 2017-2018, the tuition and fees has been structured in the following way:


FEES(Rwf )

Day section Evening section
Electrical and Electronics Department  
Electrical Technology 3 years 30,000 510,000   570,000
Electronics and Telecommunication 3 years 30,000 510,000   570,000
Civil Engineering Department
Construction Technology 3 years 30,000 510,000   570,000
Engineering Survey (Topography) 3 years 30,000 510,000   570,000


Application and tuition fees are paid in any of the following Bank accounts

Kigali Campus
  • ACCESS BANK Account N° 1002100101066601
  • I&M Bank Account N° 010-0014031-01-77
  • BK /Kigali Account N° 040-0201556-23
  • ECOBANK/Kigali Account N° 0010113801485001
  • KCB Account N° 4400464725
  • UNGUKA BANK LTD Account N° 224-2902392-07
  • Equity Bank N° 401221128713