Admission Requirements

To be registered at ULK Polytechnic Institute, one must comply with the following conditions (Extract from ULK Regulations):

  • A-Level (Secondary School Certificate) with at least two principal passes;
  • Passing an English Language Proficiency Test (If the Applicant is from a country not using English as a medium of instruction);
  • For candidates from outside of Rwanda, they should present the equivalence of their certificates or transcripts;
  • Student requesting entry with credit transferred from another higher Education institution must do so before the beginning of the programme for which the entry is sought;
  • All students are required to supply Registry Services with Telephone number, email, postal and residential addresses, the Bank slip of the payment and the receipt of the institution’s accounts. Any change of address must be notified within seven days of the change. Official correspondance sent to the address provided by the student will be deemed to have been received by him or her;
  • The names under which a student is registered will be used on all institutional documents. Any request for change of name must be supported by legal document;
  • A student’s registration may be withdrawn at any time during the academic year by the competent organ on the grounds of a serious omission, false declaration at registration and student’s serious misconduct;
  • In the case of a suspension that starts after the beginning of an academic year, any passing grades already earned during that year will be retained on the student’s record and the student will not be required to redo these assignements / examinations but will rejoin the programme at an appropriate point to be agreed with the Head of the Department.

In order to be registered for any degree  course or advanced diploma course, the prospective student must hand in:

  1. A notified copy of the required certificate
  2. A duly filled in registration form;
  3. Two passport photos taken at ULK Polytechnic Institute (for year one students);
  4. A copy of the identity card (for prospective candidates);
  5. A proof of payment of Registration fees.