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Every year, students from around the world study at ULK and find it a life-changing experience.
Our students rate ULK as one of the top universities in Rwanda for teaching, support, and all round experience.
The student testimonials below give you an impression of what students think about studying at ULK and what they got from their experience with us.

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  • ULK Polytechnic has highly experienced staff

    ULK Polytechnic has very experienced lecturers and the university teaches us to practice ethical values. This is very important because even in job you can not perform well without a good moral conduct. ULK Polytechnic helps ladies to achieve through the associations available on campus.

    Student at ULK Polytechnic
  • ULK Polytechnic is special

    ULK Polytechnic hires the best lecturers who are experienced. Furthermore, ULK Polytechnic has the spirit of encouraging its students and build their self-confidence. I have been appointed to represent Rwanda in East Africa mainly due to the confidence ULK Polytechnic authorities had in me.

    Department of Electronics and Telecommunication
  • ULK Polytechnic is the only university which gives character and knowledge

    One of the reasons why I chose ULK Polytechnic is that it was able to help me achieve my dreams. ULK Polytechnic had the programme of my choice (Construction Technology). But the most interesting thing about ULK Polytechnic is that it is the only one which gives character and values to its students in addition to the knowledge.

    Umutoni Yvette
    Student in Construction Technology