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The world of ours today keeps on evolving. As it evolves, various areas of life also change to adequately go hand in hand with the evolution of the world. The area of academics does not stay aside to observe other areas coping up with the changes of this planet. It is against this background that numerous areas of study are taught not only in one country, continent but in the whole world. Of course, study areas or fields of specialization are numerous. They are as many as the number of hairs on a human being’s head.

This being the case, it is obvious that all fields of specialization do not enable those who pursued them to easily get jobs in the same way. Some will make the graduate wait for countless days and nights looking for jobs; while others will not bother yearning for jobs since they are in a position to personally create jobs shortly after completing their studies.

Aware of this, ULK Polytechnic Institute was created with a view to effectively address the issue of unemployment that keeps ravaging not only the Rwandan society but also people from regions beyond borders. With ULK Polytechnic Institute, students undertake their courses with maximum optimism that they will be highly needed shortly after the completion of their studies. Indeed, they are undoubtedly sure that their priority is to create jobs that would economically uplift the vast majority of world dwellers.

There is no shadow of a doubt that with fields such as Construction Technology, Land Survey Engineering, Electrical Technology or Electronics and Telecommunication Technology a brighter future is within reach. This is obvious because we all know that some of the basic needs our world strives to satisfy are putting in place modern infrastructure such as roads, electricity, water channels and the like. Therefore, this goes to mean that people with considerable and unquestionable knowledge in such technical fields are highly needed on the marketplace to help embrace the above target of having good infrastructure.

Saying therefore that Polytechnic Institute ULK was introduced timely is the truth that cannot be denied. Engineers who will be serving the world in terms of construction, electricity, etc. will continue to be trained within Polytechnic Institute ULK. As the years go by, so the number of engineers will hike. This makes us proud to be contributing to finding solutions for the most pressing problems impinging on the progress of our world today.

Let me therefore take this golden opportunity to wish each and everyone especially our prospective students to make timely decision and join an academic institution that will never disappoint them but instead an institution that will make them live dignified lives in the years to come. You are most welcome.

May God bless you!

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