In order to sort out and to smoothly handle students’ related issues, ULK, via the Direction of Students Affairs, has adopted a participative approach by working in partnership with students. In addition to this partnership, there exist at ULK, activities related to social affairs such as cafeterias and the bookshops, which help students to satisfy their daily needs, on campus.

Students’ General Association of ULK (AGEULK)

AGEULK is the university students general association, which was created in 1999 and whose mission consists of protecting the students’ interests by ensuring, promoting and safeguarding the academic, cultural and social interests as well as the welfare of its members. In conformity with the law n° 20 of October 20, 2005 regulating higher learning in Rwanda, ULK involves students in the daily management of the University at all levels.

Culture, Sports and Leisure

In partnership with ULK, AGEULK is committed to serving the community via its different commissions. In addition to these services, students have opened up partnerships with other private universities and related institutions at the national, regional and international levels in order to strengthen culture and ethics learnt at ULK , an association of the ULK Alumni is on its way of creation.





In order to cater for students on a daily basis, ULK runs a cafeteria where students can buy food at a reasonable price, compared to elsewhere. In the context of hygiene and health care, the Directorate of Students Affairs, organizes daily inspections in the catering services of the cafeteria as a way to guarantee good heath for students.


Stationary Shop

To further serve students, ULK has organized a stationery service which also possesses photocopying machines for the course notes and other academic documents in order to prevent students from seeking these services elsewhere.

Hygiene and Environment

In the strict observance of hygiene, all ULK premises are equipped with toilets and urinals at each floor. A daily inspection is conducted to this end.



Apart from the full access of internet (wired and wireless connections) in the campus, Television sets are put at the disposal of students to access news during break time.