Polytechnic Institute


Before registration, each applicant must read the text of the ULK regulations on ULK Website or at the Academic Affairs Directorate Office and must accept to conform him/herself to its content and to the educational philosophy of ULK.

ULK Polytechnic Institute aims to produce for the country and the region competent engineers having the following :

  • Knowledge (very high scientific education);
  • Know -how (professional skills);
  • Good conduct (solid moral education).
Department Programme Duration
Electrical and Electronics Engineering

(Advanced Diploma A1)

Electrical Technology 2 years (4 quarters per year)
Electronics and Telecommunication 2 years (4 quarters per year)
Electronics and ICT 2 years (4 quarters per year)
Civil Engineering

(Advanced Diploma A1)

Construction Technology 2 years (4 quarters per year)
Engineering Survey (Topography) 2 years (4 quarters per year)
Quantity Survey 2 years (4 quarters per year)
Water and Sanitation 2 years (4 quarters per year)
Mechanical Engineering

(Advanced Diploma A1)

Automobile Technology  

2 years (4 quarters per year)

ULK offers:
Day courses starting from 8:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m;
Evening courses starting from 5:30 p.m to 9:30 p.m.


To be registered at ULK, one must comply with the following conditions (extract from ULK regulations):

A-level with at least two principal passes;
Passing an English language proficiency test (if the applicant is from a country not using English as medium of instruction);
Student requesting entry with credit transferred from another Higher Education Institution must do so within two months before the beginning of the programme for which the entry is sought;

In order to be registered for any Advanced Diploma, the prospective student must hand in:

  1. A notified copy of the required certificate;
  2. A duly filled in registration form;
  3. Two passport photos taken at ULK;
  4. A copy of the identity card (for prospective candidates);
  5. A proof of fees payment.
  1. Registration fees amount to 30,000 Rwandan francs.
  2. The tuition fees

The tuition fees are fixed as follows:

Two hundred thousand francs (RWF 200,000) per trimester for day section;
Two hundred and twenty thousand francs (RWF 220,000) per trimester for evening section;
One academic year has four trimesters.
The whole polytechnic programme of A1 is done in two academic years.

The tuition fees payment procedures are the following:

The tuition fee for each trimester is payable in advance, that is to say, it is paid at the beginning of the trimester;
Compulsory payment takes place at the beginning of the second month of the academic trimester;

Paying in instalments is negotiated and obtained from the Administrative and Financial Director (DAF) and the beneficiary must respect his/her written promise;
Due to several abuses (bouncing cheques and wrong signatures), cheques are not accepted. We accept banks’ deposit slips;
Tuition fees are paid into the following Bank accounts:

  • Account ACCESS BANK N° 1002100101066601
  • Account ECOBANK/Kigali N° 0010113801485001
  • Account BK /Kigali N° 040-0201556-23
  • Account KCB N° 4400464725
  • Account BCR N° 0014031-01-77
  • Account UNGUKA BANK LTD 224-2902392-07


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