Minister of State in charge of ICT and TVET visits ULK Polytechnic Institute

On 16th February 2022, the Minister of State in Charge of ICT and TVET, Hon. IRERE Claudette visited ULK Polytechnic Institute for first hand information on services offered by the technical institute.

Upon reaching the premises of the Institute, Hon. IRERE Claudette was shown around for her to get the real image of ULK Polytechnic Institute. At the end of the tour, the State Minister expressed her satisfaction vis-à-vis the education provided by ULK Polytechnic Institute by means of the-art-of-the-fact equipment available for students’ practice.

Among the toured facilities include lecture halls, workshops and laboratories as well as the technical section that houses most of the equipment used by students while practicing the acquired theories.

Hon. IRERE lauded the management of ULK Polytechnic Institute for contributing to Rwanda’s vision of empowering technical courses and she made it clear that the ministry is mandated with working closely with schools offering technical courses.

I’m impressed by the efforts put in teaching technical courses here. Actually, the move to visit an academic institution like this is to have clear information of services, the strengths of the institution and areas seeking ministerial support as a number of schools in Rwanda offer technical courses”, she underscored.

Speaking at the function, Dr. SUMBIRI Djuma, the Principal of ULK Polytechnic Institute stressed that the academic institution he heads is well positioned when it comes to having quality equipment and teaching staff.

Our academic institution is endowed with modern equipment used while imparting knowledge and skills be it in lecture halls or in workshops and laboratories when the learners are putting into practice the theories acquired in class”, he said.

It is worth noting that ULK Polytechnic Institute was established in 2014 and it has since then been offering Advanced Diplomas in Construction technology, Land Surveying, Electrical technology, and Electronics and Telecommunication. Besides, the school offers short courses in a number of technical courses. As disclosed in the event, there is a project in the pipeline to see how in a near future the school can be offering the Bachelor of Technology with Bachelor’s Degrees awarded to successful students who meet all the academic requirements put in place by the school.

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