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    • ULK Polytechnic Principal Dr KARAMBIZI Sylvestre

      ULK Polytechnic Principal Dr KARAMBIZI Sylvestre

      Esteemed visitors,

      I am very much honored to welcome you to Polytechnic Institute ULK, whose foundation goes back in October, 2014. The idea to put in place such an institute came after realizing that Rwandans and even people from beyond the borders have an increasingly burning desire to acquire technical skills which enable them to become job-creators other than job seekers.

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      • Vice Principal ULK Polytechnic Balinda Daniel

        NOTE OF THE VICE PRINCIPAL Esteemed visitors,

        The world of ours today keeps on evolving. As it evolves, various areas of life also change to adequately go hand in hand with the evolution of the world. The area of academics does not stay aside to observe other areas coping up with the changes of this planet. It is against this background that numerous areas of study are taught not only in one country, continent but in the whole world. Of course, study areas or fields of specialization are numerous. They are as many as the number of hairs on a human being’s head. Read more

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